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Twin Tuner II Fuel Injection and Ignition Controllers


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Price: $264.00
Item Number: DTT-TT2

The Twin Tuner II allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection and ignition to match the requirements of performance parts including high compression pistons/heads, camshafts, free flowing exhausts, and low restriction air filters. You can add or subtract fuel (up to +30% or down to -20%) and retard spark timing up to 10 degrees. 

The user interface consists of up/down pushbuttons and a bright daylight readable LED display to select and change the fuel trim and spark retard in the RPM and throttle position ranges required by most applications. The Twin Tuner II also has an advanced mode, where you can use the optional USB Interface and PC Link Tuner software to make precise fuel and spark retard adjustments. You can make independent adjustments to the front and rear cylinders.

The Twin Tuner works great in combination with the Daytona Sensors Twin Scan II+ tuning aid (more details below). You don’t need a dyno for precise tuning. All you have to do is install the Twin Scan II+ and ride the bike around some on a closed course or race track. The Twin Scan software will do the rest. 

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