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Before browsing through our pages, it might interest you to know our main focus has always been torque and not horsepower. It has always been our intentions to offer complete engine packages, cylinder head head porting, cams and other components that provide high torque values and longevity For your Harley Davidson. Drag racing is of no interest to us at all. Our customer base is made up of individuals that enjoy touring and street riding.

You will often hear or read about bottom, mid-range and top end power. Most Harley Davidson's idle around 1,000 RPM and after releasing the clutch nobody ever finds themselves riding below 1,500 RPM. Hot rodded street Harley Davidsons stop making power at 6,000 RPM, so we have an operating range of 4,500 RPM. We can break this down to bottom being 1,500 to 3.000 RPM, mid-range being 3,000 to 4,500 RPM and top end being 4,500 to 6,000 RPM.

If you watch your tachometers while riding, you will have to agree that most street riding is done between 2,000 and 3,500 RPM with semi aggressive shifting done in the 4 to 5,000 RPM range. It is for these reasons that we prefer high torque to high horsepower. Torque is built in the low and mid-range, while horsepower is produced in the top end range because the torque range is shifted higher in the RPM scale. This forces you to compromise torque in the more common RPM range you ride in. We prefer not to compromise torque for horsepower.

When it comes right down to it, we are trying to make your Harley Davidson feel like a small car powered by a big block motor. Despite our main focus being on torque, we have always enjoyed a reputation for producing quick and fast engine packages, cylinder heads, and cams. To quote an old drag racer ‘horsepower sells parts, torque wins races’. We tend to agree.
Bottom line...we want you riding for a very long time, stacking miles up on a powerful engine that's smooth and docile for inner city riding or curves, yet freight train strong when you twist the throttle.  Most importantly...we will NEVER sacrifice reliability and overall performance for a fancy dyno dont ride a dyno sheet.