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TCFI Gen 5 Fuel Injection Controller


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Price: $895.00
Item Number: TCFI5

The TCFI kit includes the WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band exhaust gas oxygen interface that allows quick auto-tuning on a dyno or on-road during actual riding conditions. The kit includes Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band sensors for both front and rear cylinders. The user programs a table with the desired air/fuel ratios - the system then does the rest. Competitive systems claim auto-tuning capability. Visit our Tech FAQ and find out why the TCFI system is superior. 

The TCFI solves tuning problems with highly modified engines. Competitive “band-aid” products that interface to the original equipment engine controller still rely on speed-density fuel control. Long duration/high overlap camshafts wreak havoc with manifold pressure - especially at idle and cruise RPM. Speed-density based fuel control simply can’t cope.

High-end automotive racing systems use alpha-N (throttle position and RPM based) fuel control. Alpha-N eliminates any dependence on manifold pressure and is unaffected by long duration/high overlap camshafts. The TCFI brings this proven technology to the H-D® marketplace.  

The TCFI Gen 5 has the same fuel and ignition control as our proven TCFI Gen 4 for models with J1850 data bus. Idle air control including idle RPM and cold start characteristics are also fully programmable. This facilitates the use of throttle bodies modified for higher airflow.

New 2012 and later Dyna® and Softail® models use CAN data bus for communications between the engine control module (TCFI), instrument cluster, and body control module (BCM). The TCFI fully supports the CAN data bus. The TCFI also has built-in data logging that stores data for the last 60 minutes of operation at 10 samples/second. A USB interface and Windows compatible software allow the use of a laptop PC for programming and data analysis.

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