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All of our cams are hydraulic grinds compatible with stock lifters. We strongly urge you to use our valve springs when using our cams. The spring rates are progressive with the lift rates, and other brands are not. More valve spring pressure than necessary will result in premature wear and parasitic loss of power. Although our spring kits may look like one of the other brands, they are not; our top retainers allow more spring installed height.  Our cams and valve train components will allow you to build heads that have ample valve to valve, and valve to piston clearances, while still staying within the factory recommended valve stem protrusion parameters. This is extremely important to valve stem wear and rocker ratio.

When our cams are installed in an engine with the recommended compression ratio, power will start at idle and increase proportionately with RPM. Those of you using computer programs to select cams may be misinformed. The current programs calculate lobe centers from 0.053” tappet lift opening to 0.053” closing. This is incorrect. Lobe centers are calculated from maximum valve lift opening to maximum valve lift closing in crankshaft degrees, the midpoint is lobe center. Cams with asymmetrical lobes such as ours will have their lobe centers calculated wrong. Consequently you will be working with bogus information.  Although our cams do very well on these programs, you will find that speaking to our tech staff more accurate for proper cam selection. The dyno will support this claim.

*We always recommend replacing the hydraulic lifters when installing a new cam.*

*Special Note: All head Quarters cams with lifts below .650” will work in stock 2005-2007 heads with original equipment conical (beehive) springs, valves and seals. Performance head work is recommended but not required.  We do highly recommend using our springs with any lifts above .550"*
Making sense of cam specifications can be a tough thing and very confusing.  So, if you need help picking the right cams, were here to help you.  Fill out the form below and you'll receive a response within 1 business day.

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