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Big Twin and Sportster Programmable Ignition

Price: $273.87
Item Number: PT-1005
Manufacturer Part No: PT-1005
Options for mode selection, advance slope and RPM limit. You may set rev limits at 100 RPM intervals and there are additional programable options for changing cranking revolutions, rear cylinder timing offset and VOES input
When programing you may change the timing advance curve at each 100 RPM interval with the use of the optional software package. The software also enables you to view total hours of run time, number of engine starts, maximum RPM usage and time spent at each RPM position in increments of 500.
Comes fully programmed with custom curve OR set with basic curves for you to program OR basic curves as per a usual ignition. You have the choice.

*If you intend to program your system, purchase of cables and software below is required.*

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